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Bathtub I

Bathtub I

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Exterior Finish

Rising majestically into a surround encompassing a stunning 1.58 cubic metres, this tub reaches its crescendo in a smooth, asymmetric lip that hints at overflowing bounty. Inspired by naturally occurring ovoid forms of the plant and animal kingdoms, its expansive roundness speaks to rebirth and rejuvenation, a reawakening of the primal soul through the ritual of bathing. Submerge your stresses. Emerge whole, pure and new.

Technical Specifications

Capacity – 81.9 gal (310 l)
Weight – 352.7 lbs (160 kg)
Height – 21.9 in (557 mm)
Length – 74.8 in (1900 mm)
Width – 39.8 in (1011 mm)

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Product Feature

Sleek inset Drain

Allows for internal draining system - no external overflow needed.

Sample Box


Elevate your bathroom game with our luxurious studio line of bathtubs and sinks. The Studio sample box allows you to experience the three stunning concrete finish options first-hand: black, gray, and bone (our white finish).

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