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Bathtub VI

Bathtub VI

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In the mountains of Japan, steaming onsen bathhouses are natural respites where water represents not just cleanliness but pleasure, and its surrounding presence lulls the body and mind into a state of ease and contemplation. So we followed the contours of round Hinoki cypress-staved ofuro soaking tubs as the inspiration for our deepest bathing experience. Our iteration flares slightly as it ascends, expanding its diameter to almost 1.5 metres to accommodate 613 litres of capacity, offering just enough space in which to lose yourself.

Technical Specifications

Capacity – 161.9 gal (613 l)
Weight – 381.4 lbs (173 kg)
Height – 23.4 in (595 mm)
Diameter – 58.9 in (1496 mm)

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Product Feature

Sleek inset Drain

Allows for internal draining system - no external overflow needed.

Sample Box

Vast Studio’s Bespoke Finishes

The Bespoke sample box allows you to experience all 10 stunning finish options first-hand. Includes handmade samples and a miniature white textured concrete bathtub. Great for visualizing our luxurious products in your space.

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