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Bathtub I

Bathtub I

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Rising majestically into a surround encompassing a stunning 1.58 cubic metres, this tub reaches its crescendo in a smooth, asymmetric lip that hints at overflowing bounty. Inspired by naturally occurring ovoid forms of the plant and animal kingdoms, its expansive roundness speaks to rebirth and rejuvenation, a reawakening of the primal soul through the ritual of bathing. Submerge your stresses. Emerge whole, pure and new.

Technical Specifications

Capacity – 81.9 gal (310 l)
Weight – 352.7 lbs (160 kg)
Height – 21.9 in (557 mm)
Length – 74.8 in (1900 mm)
Width – 39.8 in (1011 mm)

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Product Feature

Sleek inset Drain

Allows for internal draining system - no external overflow needed.

Sample Box

Vast Studio’s Bespoke Finishes

The Bespoke sample box allows you to experience all 10 stunning finish options first-hand. Includes handmade samples and a miniature white textured concrete bathtub. Great for visualizing our luxurious products in your space.

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